Get It Together!

Posted by Rebecca

I’m a little behind on my Glamour magazines – I’ve had a subscription for several years and lately I’ve got an unread stack of random issues that’s piling up in the corner.  A few days ago I found an article in the November 2011 issue about getting your stuff together.  It had some great suggestions about streamlining your work-life, finances and “your 5 organizational black holes.”  It wasn’t written specifically for small spaces, but the tips really do translate to those with tiny homes.

1.  Your makeup bag (or for small-space-living guys, your toiletries) – “You want the daily things at your fingertips….  Toss out anything that’s old,” (a ‘sniff test’ will help with this) “then put the five to 10 products you use daily in a basket in easy reach.”  The point is, make sure your daily primping products are accessible and contained.

2.  Your front hallway (or entry area, landing pad, whatever) – “Create storage where stuff lands….  If you keep dumping your bag on the floor by the kitchen, make a spot for it there.  Designate drawers or baskets for your keys, wallet and cell phone, and always put them back.”  To keep your sanity in a small space, it must be efficient and tidy.  This will definitely help.

3.  Your fridge – Many people “neglect the fridge, but you are in there a few times a day….  Organize by drinks, lunch and dinner fixings to save time.  A twice-a-month wipe-down will keep bacteria away.”  And look through the fridge at least once a month to toss expired or weird items.

4.  Your purse (or man-purse or briefcase or duffel bag) – “Have a designated place for everything.  Use the zipper pocket for keys… tuck anything else like your ‘just in case’ extras – Band-Aids, Tylenol, your nail file – in a spare makeup bag” (or a manly zip-lock).  When your carry-around stuff is organized, you are going to feel much more put together on a daily basis.

5.  Your closet – This is a big one….

– Purge smartly – “Lose everything you haven’t worn in a year.  For things with emotional value, limit yourself to major milestones.”  Maybe it’s time to let go of your wholly T-shirt you’ve had since college, but you want to keep the baby bonnet your great-grandmother knit when you were born.

– Sort what’s left – “File items by type (shirts, pants, dresses), then color.  Go light on the left, dark on the right….  It’s easier for your eye to find things.”

– Streamline – “Store seasonal pieces on overhead shelves.  Install hooks on doors for jewelry, scarves and belts.  And no wire hangers.”  Mommy dearest does not like wire hangers!  😉

So there you go – straight from the mouths of the stylish Glamour editors.  You have probably seen a lot of these suggestions before, so maybe it’s just a good reminder.  But if you are anything like me, you need all the help and reminders you can get to avoid getting bogged down with unnecessary stuff.  These reminders give me the chance to make the most of my small space, and love it even more.

Rebecca Knabe


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