The Eight-Step Home Cure

Posted by Rebecca

Spring and autumn are great times of year to clean out and re-organize your place.  Summer is too busy, and winter is for cozy days wrapped in a blanket.  The other two seasons are transitional and perfect for repairs, preparation and elimination.  Well, the days are getting shorter and crisper, and autumn is in the air.  Time to get busy!

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, creator of the Apartment Therapy blog wrote a book entitled Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure that will help you to “create a home that works for you – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”  The book promises to “guide you to treat common problems, eliminate clutter, and revamp even the tiniest space.”

I’ve done the mini cure that Maxwell featured on the blog a couple of seasons ago.  It was a nice way to break in to the idea of the cure, without the heavier commitment.  However, starting October 1st, I’m going to do the complete 8 week program, and chronicle my progress on trailerchic.

If you would like to join me on this step-towards-a-happier-home journey it would be a great idea to pick up your very own copy of the book.  It’s available on and you can purchase it by clicking on the book below….

….Or you can just follow along with my shortened instructions that will be listed weekly on this blog.

I’m excited already!!  Are you?

Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure

  1. Hi Rebecca!
    Great post. I can’t wait to see what you have to share. I’m excited too! As a mom of 5, I am always trying to simplify and weed out what we don’t use or need. Looking forward to your posts ~Jen

    • Thanks Jen. I’m looking forward to getting rid of stuff too. I live by myself and stuff accumulates so quickly. I can’t imagine how quickly it must build up at your house. 🙂 Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Rebecca! I found your site through the CNN article and have loved every post! You have inspired me tremendously… about trailers (I’ve lived in a few through my years), and simplyfying and blogging. I am looking forward to following you through these 8 steps because I desperately need to let go of SO much stuff. Keep up the wonderful posts… I feel like you are best friend of mine 🙂

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