The Eight-Step Home Cure – Week 1

Posted by Rebecca

The cure is organized into 8 weekly segments that are designed to walk you through deep cleaning, repairs, and home improvement that will help you create “strong new habits for the way you live at home.”

In the book that we are following – Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure – the program is divided into two programs.  One is Deep Treatment, which “leads you through all steps necessary for deeply revitalizing your home at minimal expense.”  The second is One-Room Remedy, “for those who are ready to transform one room of their home.”

On this blog we are doing the less expensive portion of the cure – the Deep Treatment.  Each week I will give you the list of ‘To Do’s,’ some instruction, direction or explanation, and my personal progress.  So let’s begin!

Week One:

Make a complete list of repairs and solutions for your home.  Walk through your entire home and make a complete list of needed repairs.  This includes things like chairs that need fixing, tiles that need replacing, a clogged drain, a drippy faucet, and burnt out light bulbs.  Write it all down.  If you have a major repair or two that you cannot complete yourself, do the research to shop around for a competent person to do the job.

Vacuum and mop all the floors.  Deep cleaning the floors in this way will help you become acquainted with every corner of your home, and the general flow of your house.  If vacuuming requires a lot of shuffling around boxes, furniture, or books, make a mental note that these items need a new location, either in or out of your home.  Be sure to clean under furniture too – couches, dressers, beds.

Remove one item from your home and move it outside.  This is breaking you into the idea of getting rid of unused items around your house.  Find one item in your home (the bigger the better) that you no longer use, but is still in good shape.  Donate it or give it to a friend.  If you have more than one item that you want to get rid of, go for it.  Overattachment to possessions is going to be something strongly addressed during the cure.  Excessive emotional attachment to possessions is unhealthy and can throw off the balance between what you own and the space you have to house it all.  This can be a difficult process for some, but bear with me; the end result transfers energy and excitement to the whole process.

Buy fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers in your home are an affordable luxury that instantly enliven and beautify your living space.  It also sets a standard for attention to detail that will inspire you each day on your return home.  Look at stores like Costco and Trader Joe’s for the lowest prices on fresh flowers.  Or pick something pretty from the yard.

Sit for 10 minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in.  To shift your perspective and gain some insight into a room that is bothering you or that intrigues you, find a spot in one room that you have never sat in.  Either on the floor or in a chair, sit for 10 minutes without the distraction of TV, music, or your phone.  As you sit, imagine the room empty.  Observe the part of the room that you like the least and imagine taking away all the furniture; then return only the items that make you feel good.  Try to isolate the pieces that don’t work for you.  This will help you to single out the specific changes that you want to make, without the overwhelming feeling of changing the entire room.

Look into earth-friendly cleaning products.  Daily we come in contact with cleaning products for our houses and our bodies.  Many of these are harmful to the environment and our own health.  Earth-friendly products give your home a healthier feel because they don’t have harsh artificial or chemical scents.  So browse for these products at your local grocery or drug store, or peruse items on-line.  Decide if there are a few earth-friendly products that you would like to try, instead of your current cleaning brands.

Ok, that’s it.  6 ‘To Do’s’ for this week.  Give at least a few, if not all of them a try.  Happy Curing!!  🙂

Rebecca Knabe

P.S.  All the directions for The Eight-Step Home Cure are taken from the Apartment Therapy book by the same name.  And you can get your very own copy here…. Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure

Artwork by Margaret Crusoe – Click on the photo to see this lovely card in her etsy store


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