Mystery Solved

Posted by Rebecca

Typically I kill all plants that cross my path.  It’s just my thing.  But this summer I actually have a garden that is doing quite well.  I have so much basil, it’s coming out of my ears.  I have parsley, chives and grape tomatoes as well.  And I have an abundance of wild flowers.

My flower bed looks amazing with all kinds of lovely flowers growing like crazy.  And all I did was sprinkle a packet of wildflower seeds over some dirt last spring, and water it a few times a week.

Well, I should say my flower bed did look amazing.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed one area of the flower bed was flattening out.  I combed through it looking for invasive weeds that were pulling down the blooms, but couldn’t find anything.  I tried to prop the flowers back up, but it didn’t work.  My beautiful bed was dwindling away.

But then I noticed something interesting.  Many of the stems on the flowers were crushed or snapped.  Like someone had stepped all over my garden.  Who would do such a thing??

And then I realized who it could be….

She looks guilty, doesn’t she?  It turns out my sweet Cassi has been taking the term “flower bed” a little too literally.  She makes her way through the garden, turns around in circles, as dogs do, getting perfectly comfortable, and then has her afternoon nap among the cosmos and poppies.

Sigh!  Well, at least my garden was lovely for most of the season.

Rebecca Knabe


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