Lake Tahoe Half Marathon

Posted by Rebecca

Last Sunday I ran my second half marathon.  That officially makes me a Half-Marathoner (according to my brother).  It was such a beautiful run, and really fun with tones of support and entertainment, that I wanted to share some of the highlights.  🙂

We were serenaded by bagpipes at the starting line.

First view of the lake on the run that followed the south shore.

More pipers!  🙂

Emerald Bay.

A little funk to keep us moving.

Just me and a monkey.  And only a mile or two to go.

Here is Carly (my half-marathoner pal) and I, before and after, and the moment Carly realized she forgot her shoes.  She normally runs in Vibrams, those weird feet things.  So she ran the first 7 1/2 miles barefoot while her husband fetched her shoes.  And she still beat me.  She is a champ!!

13.1 done!

Our rewards – a fancy medal and watching the sun set on the beach.  Oh yeah, and the satisfaction of knowing we did something that most people would never dream of doing.  Ahhhhh.

Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Half Marathon

  1. AWESOME, congratulations! I’d love to do that one sometime, too. I did the Bizz Johnson yesterday and damn near killed myself. But yes…ahhh, it’s done!

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