The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 1

Posted by Rebecca

Did you try the cure this week?  Here is how it went for me….

Week One:

– Make a complete list of repairs and solutions for your home.  I made a list.  It was way longer than I would have liked, but since I haven’t done much repair since I moved into the pink trailer, I guess it’s to be expected.  Most of the small repairs needed are things I didn’t complete from the original renovations, like touch-up paint, finishing trim and baseboards, and patching a few small holes.

– Vacuum and mop all the floors.  I vacuumed and mopped every square inch of my floors.  My place hasn’t felt this clean in ages.  I even feel like I can breathe better.  It’s wonderful!

– Remove one item from your home and move it outside.  I actually got rid of a lot of things – clothes, shoes, decorative stuff, kitchen ware….  The best part was making $31 in cash and $14 in store credit for selling my clothes to some local second-hand stores. 🙂

– Buy fresh flowers.  I bought these beauties:

– Sit for 10 minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in.  This was a hard one.  There aren’t a lot of spots in my home that I haven’t sat.  So I finally decided to sit on the side of my bed that I don’t sleep on.  I found I spent most of the 10 minutes critiquing/criticizing my bedroom.  I decided it’s time to paint my walls the dark grey that I’ve always wanted.  I also decided I don’t like my red curtains any more, and would like to go with lighter-weight white ones.  And I decided to get rid of a couple of decorative items – a mirror, a pictures, and a candle holder.  Once the 10 minutes were up (which seemed like an eternity!) I took care of a few small changes, and am pretty happy with the results.

– Look into earth-friendly cleaning products.  I use quite a few earth friendly cleaning products and toiletries already, but decided to look for natural dish and hand soap the next time I’m shopping.

So that’s my Week One in a nutshell.  Did you try out any of the suggestions for this week?  How did it go?

Stay tuned for Week Two, coming soon!

Rebecca Knabe


8 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 1

  1. I bought the book and have read thru the first part and week one. I washed the floors and vacumed the rugs. As I live in a 5th wheel rv that part was quick. I worked on clearing out the “basement” storage units and had a pick up load for the local charity. I made a list of a number of little details that need work, much like Rebecca’s. I got fresh flowers. I did not sit somewhere unused, because I use every inch of the 397 sq ft space.

    • I know how you feel, Joan – I had a hard time finding somewhere I have never sat! Although I’m pretty sure I have actually sat there before…. Good job! It’s nice to do a little fall cleaning, isn’t it?

  2. While I didn’t actually do this week because I’ve been house-sitting for a month and a half and won’t be back home for another two weeks, I did mentally do #1 with you! There are a few things in our apartment that have been kinda broken for awhile but we’ve just been making-do, although it is an annoyance when these things affect us. It’s little stuff, but when you have to deal with it daily we’ve just been trying to put up with it. We live in an apartment and I hate to make the maintenance guys have to take care of our little stuff when they probably have better things to do, BUT this post made me want to actually do something about these little things and just get them fixed.

    I did vacuum and mop the floors when I was home two weeks ago, though I’m sure with boyfriend and the dog there by themselves it’s like I didn’t do it at all. 😉

    • I agree – it’s so easy to let the little repairs go undone. But I’m determined to knock a few of those off my list now that I have actually written it out.
      Next time you do the floors, try moving every piece of furniture and cleaning under it. It’s amazing how much dust piles up under things. It took me several hours to clean the floors this way, but it was so worth it.

      • Oh, yeah, cleaning under every piece of furniture is what I do every time I clean! Granted, that means one couch, one chair, and the credenza, all which are very easy to clean under. 😉 We have a pug and otherwise constantly have little puggy tumbleweeds everywhere if the floor vacuuming doesn’t happen at least every couple days. It’s amazing how much he sheds!

      • I had a hard time getting under all my furniture. Under my bed is where I store my all my linens and camping gear. My couch is huge and was a struggle to move, and most of my furniture is pretty heavy. But I’m glad I did it.

  3. Well I totally blew it last week but I am on it now. Off to do my list. Thank you so much for the time you put in to your blog.

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