The Eight-Step Home Cure – Week 2

Posted by Rebecca

Ok, Week 1 is done and I’ve cleaned and removed stuff and bought flowers and sat quietly in my home.  Ready for Week 2!  Here is the list for this week:

Week Two:

Fix one thing in your home yourself.  Use the list you made last week of things that need to be done, and select one to fix.  Do it yourself and do it well.  By taking the time to pay attention to your home and heal one small thing, it will help you to connect with and energize your living space.

Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food.  This is a biggie!  Clean all surfaces inside and out – counters, cabinets, fridge, floor, stove, etc.  Remove all food that is expired or has been unused for more than 12 months, get rid of nearly-empty containers and combine any doubles.  Get rid of all cups, glasses, and dishes that are chipped, stained, or unmatching; as well as any cookware that you don’t use.  If you find that you need new glasses or dishes at the end of this project, inexpensive and stylish sets can be found at stores like World Market, TJ Maxx, or Target.

Buy a water filter and use it.  While there are some fancy systems that can be installed to the plumbing under your sink, Brita, or other water purification companies offer inexpensive pitchers that can be kept in the fridge.  These will cost just a few dollars a year, and help remove a number of chemicals and microorganisms from your drinking water.

Run your hand over every wall in your home.  This sounds weird, but start at the front door and make your way around your home, behind the furniture, touching every wall with your hands.  This is an observation exercise that will teach you things you never knew about your home – which walls are hot or cold, which are drafty, which get dirty, which are solid or hollow.  By coming to know the physical structure better, you will be alerted to things that would improve it, as well as possibly find new ideas for arranging each room.

Clear a space for an “Outbox.”  An outbox helps you get rid of clutter in your home without the initial commitment.  The idea is to remove items from your home and place them in the outbox for a week.  If you don’t miss the item you can get rid of it permanently – either by throwing away, giving away, or donating.  If you do miss the item or have a difficult emotional reaction to living without the item, it’s not gone yet so you can re-introduce it into your home.  Once you get used to the idea of separating from your possessions first and disposing of them later, you may find you want to put more and more items in the outbox, making the process of clearing-out quick and easy.  An outbox should be a permanent fixture in your home, so find a spot inside or outside, where you can sacrifice some space.  I have had an outbox for a while.  It’s in a bottom drawer of one of my dressers – it’s out-of-the-way and neatly kept under wraps, but available to fill at any time.

Clear one surface and use the outbox.  Starting small, choose one surface, either a bookshelf or a dresser top or kitchen counter, and try clearing it by letting go of as much as you can.  Ask yourself: Do I use it?  Do I love it?  Does my house need it?  If your answer to any of these questions is no, put it in the outbox for a week, and then decide if you are ready to get rid of it, or bring it back into your home.

Buy fresh flowers.  Just like last week, if your fresh flowers have wilted, replace them with new ones.

Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.  Cooking and eating at home are central to the well-being of your house.  Using your home daily for nourishment connects you to your food, your kitchen, and your dining room.  And it smells great!  Peruse your cookbooks, look on-line, or ask a friend for a recipe to try.  Find something easy, but healthy, to warm your home and feed your body.  And be sure to do your dishes before you go to bed.

That is the end of the projects for Week 2.  I hope they go well for you.  Happy curing!  🙂

Check out these cool vintage trailer note cards from Four to Go Design on Etsy. Click on the photo to get a closer look.

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. All the directions for The Eight-Step Home Cure are taken from the Apartment Therapy book by the same name. And you can get your very own copy here…. Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure


3 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure – Week 2

  1. I love these steps – I’m not quite at the point of doing them as my Airstream is sitting pretty empty right now….but I am modifying them (as with everything in my life it seems, lol) to get back into the renovation. It’s hard for me to switch gears from one project to another (artist on paper to re-modeler in wood and aluminum), so actually these steps help me clarify and create an action plan….and it’s pretty fun too. I’m so impressed with your action.

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