Living Like a Grown-Up

Posted by Rebecca

Apartment Therapy posted an article yesterday that will help you decipher if you are truly living like a grown-up.  What do you need to have on hand in your home to feel like the fully functioning adult that you are?  Let’s see….

What Do You Need to Live Like a Grown-Up?

Living like a grown-up involves realizing that magic pixies weren’t really doing the dishes and stocking the refrigerator and making sure there were batteries and light bulbs in the house when you were a kid, and accepting that that’s your job now. We might not have to do homework anymore, but the trade-off is that we have to remember to restock the toilet paper.”

Here is the author’s list, and my personal inventory:

Batteries — “When my wireless mouse runs out of power again, I won’t have to steal the batteries from the TV remote or the Xbox controllers or run around the house checking cameras and vibrating mascara wands to see if they take the same size.”  —  Check!  I’ve got a little stock-pile of batteries in a basket in my laundry area.  But I’m not sure how they got there, or if I was the one who bought them.  For all I know, they evolved out of lost socks and dryer lint.  For now, though, I am stocked.  However, I’m not sure what will happen when they eventually and inevitably run out.  That will be the true test of whether I’m actually an adult.

Light bulbs — “Having a couple of spare light bulbs around is a grown-up move because light bulbs go out eventually, and there’s nothing that will make you feel like a disorganized child more than having to explain to someone who wants to use your bathroom that the last light bulb in there went out just five minutes ago, honestly, and you haven’t had time to replace it yet. (Especially when that’s a lie, the light went out weeks ago and you’ve just been leaving the door open because you don’t have roommates and the cats don’t care.)”  —  Check!!  I have light bulbs!  These I even remember buying.  And I have multiple kinds of bulbs because it seems in my tiny trailer, I have managed to have so many varying light fixtures and lamps that I am required to have elevendy-billion different types of bulbs.

Basic cooking supplies — “My freshman year of college I mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookies in a novelty plastic hard hat because I lived in a dorm and didn’t own a bowl. As proud as I was of that outside-the-box solution when I was 18, now I am a grown-up and have a bowl. Heck, I actually have two.”  —  Check!!!  I also have two (maybe more) mixing bowls.  And I have ladles, garlic presses, knives that are sharp, casserole dishes, serving trays, a couple of heavy bottomed pots and pans, a hand-held juicer, an electric juicer, a quesadilla maker, an egg cooker….  Which reminds me, I still have to clean out my kitchen of unused items as part of week 2 of The Eight-Step Home Cure….  Uh, ya, I better get on that.

Toilet paper — “When you think about it, there’s really no good reason to ever run out of toilet paper. It’s not like there’s ever going to be a situation when you don’t need it.”  —  Check!!!!  My way-younger-than-me brother was raised by only my dad.  Whenever I visited their bachelor pad they would both proudly announce to me, “We bought toilet paper for your visit!!”  Um, I don’t know what they used when I wasn’t there, and I don’t want to know, but I was always relieved to avoid the ever-awkward situation of yelling for toilet paper from the toilet.  And even worse, their solution was invariably sliding an old newspaper under the door to me a few minutes later.  😦

Living things — “Whether it’s pets or plants or sea monkeys, being able to take care of something besides yourself is pretty darn grown-up.”   —  Check!!!!!  I have Cassi, who I have kept alive for over 11 years now, and a single indoor plant that looks perfectly happy.  In fact, it actually communicates with me.  When its leaves are laying flat on the desk where it’s pot sits, it is telling me it wants some water.  I got this!

What about you?  What else makes your home feel like a grown up lives there?  I’d love to know….

Rebecca Knabe


2 thoughts on “Living Like a Grown-Up

  1. I’m gladder (a word?) than I can say that I found your blog. You give me hope! And necessary information. How many people say – I want to live in a mobile home? I do. Other than not having money to buy one right now, it appears a major obstacle will be my dogs. I have three. A collie, a sheltie mix and a german shepherd. They’re all elderly and I love them immensely. I’m in NJ and have looked on MHvillage at places in NJ, PA and OH (where my son, daughter-in-law and very shortly, my grandson, live). ALL have restrictions that preclude me and mine. Any thoughts on this?

    And again, thanks for your posts. I’m excited to read each one.


    • Hi Karen,
      That can be tricky, but don’t give up hope. Do you have any connections in any parks? The park I moved to was managed by my friend’s parents. My park technically doesn’t allow dogs as big as Cassi, but after meeting her they were willing to bend the rules. Perhaps ask park managers if they would be willing to make an exception if you got references for the dogs, or paid a deposit.
      I really hope you are able to find what you are looking for. 🙂

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