The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 3

Posted by Rebecca

How did it go this week?  Were you able to complete any or all of the tasks?  My week went like this:

Week Three:

Vacuum, dust and mop your home.  Done!

Clean your entrance and any related closets.  Also done.  And a little rearranging too.

Arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next three weeks.  As I said earlier, this is an unrealistic goal for me.  But I would like to get in the habit of one repair a week.  This week I replaced the refrigerator light bulb.  Yes, it seems menial, but it has been out for well over a year.  And I never seem to remember to pick up a new one.  Well, I finally remembered!  And the bulbs only came in a 4 pack.  So now I have enough refrigerator light to last a lifetime.  🙂  Do you have any idea what a delight it is to have illuminated food every time you open the fridge door??  It’s like a surprise party just for me, several times a day.  I should have done this ages ago!

Move all old mail, catalogs, and magazines to the outbox.  I’m good at sorting through my mail and throwing out the unwanted stuff immediately, so this one was a piece of cake.

Look into what you would need to create a “Landing Strip.”  I have done this project before, so my landing strip was established.  But it needed to be cleaned out and streamlined, and now it is.  Yay!

Cancel any unused subscriptions.  I only have one subscription – Glamour magazine.  I’ve had it for about 13 years, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Identify cool and warm rooms.  My kitchen and bathroom are definitely cool.  My livingroom is primarily warm.  My bedroom seems to be a mix of the two.  And I’m going to make a few changes in curtains and wall color to make it a cool room, and hopefully a very relaxing, sleep-inducing space.

Apply the 80/20 color rule.  My living room is closer to 50/50.  I really like the bright color in my rug, throw pillows, and file boxes, and will likely keep the bright color.  I think this rule is a good general idea, but if another ratio makes you happy, go for it!  My kitchen and bathroom seem to follow the 80/20 ratio, but my bedroom has a little more color than I would like.  This will be resolved with the change in my curtains.

Cook two meals at home this week.  Always.  I usually have homemade dinner at home several nights a week.

By the way, how’s the fall foliage looking in your area?  This is a photo I took today in Reno.  Such a beautiful time of year!

Posted by Rebecca


4 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 3

    • That’s ok. However long it takes you. It’s just a nice guideline to follow to get it all done. I’ll have a little trouble keeping up in the next couple of weeks because I’ll be in and out of town, but I’ll just do what I can. 🙂

  1. You have inspired me! I have finally accomplished a couple of simple tasks, but for some reason I really procrastinated on them. I had to laugh at the refrigerator light bulb outage. Once I was house sitting for my in-laws and their refrigerator light bulb had been out for several years. I bought a new bulb and put it in for them while they were away. When they returned, they were so amazed! Sometimes it is just the simple little things that we procrastinate on! Love your blog!!

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