The Eight-Step Home Cure – Week 5

Posted by Rebecca

I hope everyone is safe and sound, and out of the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  If you need a bit of a mental distraction from the storm, and something to keep you busy, here’s the list for this week:

Week Five:

Take care of repairs this week.  Even if it’s just a small one, like replacing a lightbulb, you will be happy to cross something off your to-do list.

Clean office area and related closets.  Thoroughly dust your computer, printer, and other office machines.  Move objects and clean under them.  Empty drawers and wipe them out.  Make note of changes you would like to make in the set-up and/or organizing of your office.

Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout.  Continue the habit of doing these chores every one to two weeks to keep your home clean and low on allergens.

Declutter files.  Tackle that paperwork that endlessly builds up in our home offices.  Here is a good rule of thumb for what to keep and what to shred (yes, shred; don’t just toss in the garbage):
~ Keep permanently – Personal letters and tax returns.
~ Keep for 7 years – Credit card statements, mortgage statements, bank statements, investment statements, deductible business receipts, and deductible business bills.
~ Keep for 3 years – Insurance policies.
~ Keep for the life of product – Warranties and user guides.
~ Shred – Personal cards, non-deductible utility bills, rent receipts, and non-deductible receipts or bills.

Tackle the cord octopus.  The cords we use to power our computers, phones, printers, electronics, etc. can get crazy over time.  Take this week to straighten these out.  Use twist-ties or zip-ties to bound long cords into shorter lengths if possible.  Mark tags to place on or next to plugs on a power strip so you know which plug goes to what thingy.  Go wireless where you can.

Try a one-day media fast.  Since the goal of the eight-week cure is to reclaim your home and reduce the pressures and stimulation of the outside world, another culprit to be aware of is the ubiquitous media – TV, radio, newspaper.  So for one day this week, try turning off all media in your home, including the computer and music.  Pay attention to the sights and sounds of the day, and enjoy activities that don’t involve the TV, stereo, or computer.  I’ve done this before, and it feels a little uncomfortable at first.  But give it a try.  You never know – you might like it!

Buy fresh flowers.  Try to stay in the habit of replacing your fresh flowers every week or two.  It’s a small, inexpensive luxury that will make your home feel more lively, fresh, and happy.

Choose at least one soft thing to add or subtract.  Consider adding or removing a pillow, rug, or set of curtains to accomplish the 50/50 hard/soft surface ratio, that promises to make your room functional yet cozy.

Cook three meals at home this week.  You’ve heard this one before.  Maybe this week you can get a little creative, or try a new recipe.

Go to bed early and read before sleep.  Attempt to get a full eight hours of sleep at least a couple of times this week.  Spend a few minutes reading a good book before you shut your eyes for the night.

Okie dokie.  This week is a little busier than last week, but do what you can.  And please stay safe and dry!

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. All the directions for The Eight-Step Home Cure are taken from the Apartment Therapy book by the same name. And you can get your very own copy here…. Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure


4 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure – Week 5

  1. A full eight hours?! That’s one I could really gain from doing but rarely do . . . OK, this week!

    Does an orchid plant count as fresh flowers? They’re such profuse bloomers in my sunny coastal environment.

    • I agree! I love the idea of 8 full hours of sleep, but unfortunately it rarely happens. And hasn’t happened for me yet this week, but I’m still trying. Maybe tonight….
      The writer of the book stresses the ritual involved in buying fresh cut flowers for your home – “the act of buying flowers for your apartment holds great significance and will heal your apartment on many levels. They contribute to the breath of your apartment through humidifying and cleansing the air…. And because they are ephemeral, cut flowers are a gift of freshness and faith to oneself and one’s home..” So the suggestion is fresh cut flowers, but flowering plants are lovely too. I would just suppliment the orchids with fresh cut flowers once in a while to add the element of newness. 🙂

  2. Just poppin’ in to say “hi”. I use the flylady approach to maintaining the house but adapt it to our schedule. The husband works from home so running the vacuum or laundry machines whenever I want isn’t always an option. I like the idea of having fresh flowers around, may have to sneak a bouquet into grocery cart every week.
    Have a great day!

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