Sunny San Diego

Posted by Rebecca

Last weekend I was able to spend 4 sunny days in beautiful San Diego.  I visited my dear friend, Tammy.  We shopped, lunched, visited with other friends – new and old, took a walk on the pier at Ocean Beach, and just hung out.  It was great.  Here are some highlights.  And in case you didn’t notice, palm trees are my FAVORITE!

Thank you, Tammy, for the best weekend get-away!  Love you and your sweet family.  🙂

Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “Sunny San Diego

  1. Oh wow, it looks beautiful there. I love palm trees too. We have wanted to go there forever but it’s such a long drive from Alberta. We’ve only made it to LA with the RV. The artwork set up at the beach is cool. Is that done often? I’ve never been anywhere where artists sell their work on the street or beach in this case.

    • I’m not sure about the artwork. It was just sitting there with no one around. But I’ve seen that before on beaches and touristy streets.
      Where do you live in Alberta? I grew up in Edmonton. (Have we had this conversation before?)

  2. Yep, I mentioned I’m in southern Alberta after reading that you were from AB. We lived in Calgary for many years and have been in Fort Macleod for the past six. We’re planning to move to Lethbridge in a couple of years since we spend a lot of time driving back and forth plus I’m ready to live in civilization again. Tried to sell the house last year but it’s hard to sell a home in a small town that really doesn’t have much to offer, especially job wise.
    Have a great weekend!

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