The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 5

Posted by Rebecca

How did it go for you?  My week was pretty okie dokie.

Week Five:

Take care of repairs this week.  This week I replaced my toilet seat.  How exciting!  For several years I have had this artsy toilet seat (that I actually bought in an art store for way too much money) that has, among other things, a bunch of rectangular mirrors glued to it.  Those little mirrors have been popping off or cracking over time, and recently one shattered into tiny shards.  Do you have any idea how crappy it is to start off your day with a teeny shard of glass in your butt?  ‘Nuff said.

Clean office area and related closets.  My office area consists of a desk and some decorative file boxes.  Everything was emptied, wiped out, and organized.

Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout.  Yep.  Done.

Declutter files.  It was nice to go through everything and get rid of the unnecessary paperwork.  And tomorrow it’s off to the shredder.

Tackle the cord octopus.  I went wireless not too long ago, so my cords are at a minimum already.

Try a one-day media fast.  Whoops, I may have forgotten this one.  I don’t watch much tv as it is, but I almost always have music playing, and I love watching movies.  I’ll have to shoot for this one another day….

Buy fresh flowers.  Instead of buying flowers this week, I picked the last few hardy blooms from my yard.

Choose at least one soft thing to add or subtract.  I didn’t make any changes in this area because I think things are A-okay.

Cook three meals at home this week.  This week I prepared Mediterranean quinoa tabbouleh, Thai coconut curry, and soy chorizo tacos.  Yum!

Go to bed early and read before sleep.  I have a lot of sleeping issues.  I don’t know what seems to trigger my lousy-sleep phases, but when they hit, 8 hours of sleep remains out of reach….  This was one of those weeks.

Only 3 weeks of the Cure to go.  Week 6 is a good one with a little pampering in store.  Find out tomorrow!

Rebecca Knabe


2 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 5

  1. I don’t think I could do a media free day. That would be tough. I don’t watch much TV and we pretty much always have a movie night Fri. and Sat. We do love our Netflix!
    My son (who is 20) has had sleeping issues his whole life. When he was younger, his pediatrician recommended an herbal sleep aid called Valerian for occasional sleepless nights. My son uses it when he’s had a particularly stressing day (he has Aspergers and is developmentally delayed) and can’t fall asleep.


    • I’ll have to try some valerian. I have a lot of sleeping issues. I usually have no trouble falling asleep at first, but I don’t stay asleep. It sucks. I’m willing to try anything homeopathic.

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