The Eight-Step Home Cure – Week 6

Posted by Rebecca

Are you sick of cleaning yet?  I was, but gained a second wind.  Whew!  This week, as a reward for all your hard work, a little pampering is in the works.  Yes, there is still cleaning and organizing and thinking to do, but a little relaxing too.  🙂

Week Six:

Clean bathroom and related closets.  Aim to deep clean your tub, sink, toilet, tile surfaces, and floor.  Don’t forget the nooks and crannies.  Wipe out medicine cabinets, cupboards, and drawers.  If you come across yucky shower curtains, pathetic toothbrushes, or wobbly shelves, look into replacing those as well.

Declutter bathroom cabinets and closets.  Throw out anything that hasn’t been used in a year, is expired, is nearly empty and you are not actively using it, or items you no longer need.

Arrange your bathroom efficiently.  Think about what improvements could be made to make your bathroom easier to use.  Is the shower curtain easy to open?  If not look into curtain hooks with rollers.  Are you happy with your shower head?  If not install a new one (these are easy to install – even I can do it! – and come in a variety of price points).  Is it easy to reach your daily shower supplies?  If not, get them off of the rim of the tub and into a hanging caddy.  Place items throughout your bathroom in the location they are most needed.

Upgrade your razor and shaving supplies.  Small luxuries should not be overlooked.  A nice razor and shaving supplies makes life a little easier and your skin a little softer.  Who doesn’t want that??

Purchase bath salts and a nice soap.  If you are not in the habit of soaking with bath salts or buying fine soap, do so this week.  Remember, the soap you buy will be used each day to wash your body, so find one that makes you feel good.

Place a candle in your bathroom.  Either scented or unscented, a candle in your bathroom adds a sense of calm to this busy space and will allow you to turn off the lights when you soak in the tub.  It’s also nice to have a candle burning in the bathroom when you have guests over so they can find the light switch.

Consider scents for your home.  Here are some tips:  Read the label to make sure it’s natural.  Avoid heavy or strong scents.  Don’t buy cheap candles, as they won’t burn cleanly.

Wake early and take a bath before work.  This recommendation may sound a little weird, but having a relaxing bath in the morning sets the mood for your day.  This gives you a few minutes to think about the day ahead, plan for it, and feel good about it.  It is calming and clears your mind.  Just be sure to shower after to rinse off any bath salt residue.

See, I told you there was some pampering involved.  Enjoy the week, and aim to make your bathroom a more efficient and spa-like environment.

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. All the directions for The Eight-Step Home Cure are taken from the Apartment Therapy book by the same name. And you can get your very own copy here…. Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure


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