The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 6

Posted by Rebecca

Do you feel a little more relaxed?  A little pampered?

Week Six:

Clean bathroom and related closets.  Deep clean done!

Declutter bathroom cabinets and closets.  I tossed and consolidated and reorganized.

Arrange your bathroom efficiently.  I don’t have any complaints in this area.  My bathroom is efficient and organized.  Now if only I was a little more efficient….

Upgrade your razor and shaving supplies.  I replaced my razor, and I regularly use a nice softening shaving cream.  My razor of choice is Gillette Venus Original Razor.

Purchase bath salts and a nice soap.  I have several bath salts that remain unused because my hot water tank does not provide me with enough hot water for a bath in the cooler months.  Sigh….  My favorite soap is a splurge.  It is the Karma Soap from Lush Cosmetics.  I don’t have a Lush store close by, but when I find one I stock up.  This soap is expensive, but smells like heaven, and lasts a long time.

Place a candle in your bathroom.  I have candles in my bathroom, and light them on occasion, but constantly worry about starting a fire.  My bathroom is small, and my shower curtains are this light gauzy material.  And my trailer is like a completely non-sealed wind tunnel.  I worry a breeze is going to blow my curtains into the candle, and poof, Cassi and I are instantly standing in a pile of ashes that used to be our home.  Have I mentioned how flammable trailers are??….

Consider scents for your home.  I use a lot of scented things on a daily basis – soaps, lotions, perfume.  My front door kerplunks you into my bedroom, and whenever I walk in I can smell my latest body lotion of choice.  So I have decided not to consider any other scents for my home.  I have enough already, thank you very much.

Wake early and take a bath before work.  Hah!  I already get up at 5:45 every day during the week, so all I can say about this suggestion is Hah!  Oh, and that whole hot water issue I mentioned too….

I think I may have been a little uncooperative this week.  But I figure if I’m already content with some of my ways, why mess with them.  That’s the fun part about doing a challenge like this on your own – you can adjust it or omit things as needed, and no one is there to give you a hard time.  Hooray!

Rebecca Knabe

P.S.  Cassi says, “Hello, and thank you for all the kind words.”  😉


3 thoughts on “The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 6

  1. I share your uneasiness about candles. They have some nice looking flameless candles that are battery operated. They might work in a bathroom to get a soft light.

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