The Eight-Week Home Cure – Week 7

Posted by Rebecca

Last week was all about pampering, this week is all about sleep.  Yay for sleep!!

Week Seven:

Clean the bedroom and related storage.  The bedroom is the most important room in your home.  It is where you will spend the most time, and it is where your health will be most directly affected if you don’t sleep well.  This cleaning is meant to get rid of deep-down dust and allergens that can make you stuffy and restless at night.  Wash your bedding, clean under the furniture, inside drawers, and in the far corners of the closets.  Wipe all surfaces of the room.  Flip your mattress.

Buy an air filter for your bedroom.  With the tremendous amount of time that we spend sleeping, the bedroom is the most important place to have an air purifier.  If you don’t already have one, buy a small one this week.  If the noise bothers you, only run it during the day.

Buy new sheets, pad, or mattress as needed.  Good bedding in an affordable luxury that is well worth the cost.  Inspect your current mattress, pillows, sheets, and comforters.  If any of them is hopelessly worn out or have seen better days, get rid of them.

Declutter your bedroom.  Many people who live in small spaces use their bedroom as a make-shift storage facility because it is away from the eyes of guests.  Some also use their bedroom as an office area, or extra TV room.  However, a bedroom should be private, beautiful, peaceful, and clean.  Take the time this week to remove anything that is stimulating (like the TV, computer, or phone) and will prevent you from getting a good night’s rest.

Arrange the bed against the best wall.  When deciding where to place your bed, you want your head against a wall and away from the door or windows.  If possible, it is most desirable to have your feet oriented towards the door.  Whenever possible, you want your bedroom to feel open as you enter and to have a feeling of spaciousness and movement, no matter how small your space.

Make sure your bedroom inspires you.  Comfort and ease are what you want in the bedroom, so re-create in your room anything you would imagine you would love to experience at a spa or fancy hotel.  Some ideas?  Put your bedside lights on a dimmer.  Place a bottle of water, a glass, and a small vase of flowers by your bed.  Place a small votive by your bed.  Purchase a small, attractive alarm clock.  Consider installing a headboard at the top of your bed.  Purchase a luxurious robe.

Look into ways to improve your sleep.  Light is very disturbing to one’s sleep, so your bedroom should be dark at night and no lights should be visible.  Mask outside noise through the use of a sound machine or fan.  If you have sleep problems, look into homeopathic sleep remedies, such as melatonin to aid in drowsiness.

I hope some of these tasks will make your room more serene, and give you a better night’s rest.  Sweet dreams!

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. All the directions for The Eight-Step Home Cure are taken from the Apartment Therapy book by the same name. And you can get your very own copy here…. Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure


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