The Eight-Week Home Cure – The End of Week 7

Posted by Rebecca

Did you get some sleep this week?  Sleep was not my friend this week, but that’s another story.

Week Seven:

Clean the bedroom and related storage.  I was a slacker this week….  😦  Actually I was out-of-town for most of the week, and then had an unexpected guest over the weekend.  So this chore is on my to-do list.

Buy an air filter for your bedroom.  I found several smallish air filters on Amazon this week, many priced below $100.  My new infrared heater comes equipped with an air filter, and my vacuum cleaner has an anti-allergen air filter, but I think I would still like to get a small one that I can place close to the head of my bed.

Buy new sheets, pad, or mattress as needed.  I do not need any of these items.  I currently have as many sheets as I have room to store, and my mattress is about 5 years old and still going strong.

Declutter your bedroom.  My bedroom is so small, I don’t have the room to store anything in sight, and I have no electronics in my room.  I’m an anti-TV-in-the-bedroom girl as it is.

Arrange the bed against the best wall.  Unfortunately I only have one option for the bed location in my bedroom.  Fortunately it is a good location and my feet face both the outside door and the hall.

Make sure your bedroom inspires you.  All of my bedroom lights are already on a dimmer, and I have added “pretty alarm clock” to my shopping list.  And when I get my mini room makeover that I have planned, I feel my bedroom will be very inspiring, relaxing, and lovely.

Look into ways to improve your sleep.  My bedroom is dark at night, and I sleep with a fan to drown outside noise.  I have also purchased a homeopathic sleep aid, but have not tried it yet.  I plan to start tonight.  I have on-going sleep issues, but don’t like taking anything prescription.  Melatonin on its own does not work for me, so I’m looking elsewhere.  We’ll see….

Rebecca Knabe


2 thoughts on “The Eight-Week Home Cure – The End of Week 7

  1. Would the lack of sleep have anything to do with those puppies???? Cute!
    I do love the Eight-Week home cure, but first I have to box things up before I even begin. My ol’ double wide has soooo many issues, and first on the list will be this gross carpet!!!!!!!!

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