Western New York – Part 3

Posted by Rebecca

Who knew Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, NY, and raised just down the road?  Well, if you’ve ever been to Jamestown, you would know.  Evidence of Lucy can be seen all over town, in giant murals on the outer walls of buildings, souvenirs, and the Lucy-Desi and I Love Lucy museums downtown.

Lucy fans flock to Jamestown once a year for their annual Lucy Comedy Fest.  And in 2011, for the 100th anniversary of Lucy’s birthday, the festival set the Guinness World Record for 915 individuals – men, women, children, and pets – dressed like Lucy in one place, at one time.

I’ve always liked Lucy, and have seen several episodes of I Love Lucy, however I’ve never considered myself a big fan.  But how could I miss this?  Afterall, when in Jamestown….

We had a fantastic tour-guide.  John’s friend, John ( 🙂 ) is the maintenance man/caretaker/janitor/display engineer/part-time curator of the museums.  And on this slow Monday in November, we were able to get a private, behind-the-scenes tour into the lives of Lucy and Desi.

Lucy was not a natural red-head.  She had dark hair, but dyed it blond when she started acting.  She later dyed it red to stand out from the other actresses and models.

Lucy’s 1972 Mercedes-Benz, in mint condition.

A replica of the I Love Lucy set.  Apparently the address of Lucy and Ricky’s apartment in New York City would have placed it in the middle of the East River.

Lucy’s kitchen.

Looking out the balcony of the Ricardo’s room at the Beverly Hills Hotel, for their Hollywood episodes.

The end of another great day!  🙂

Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “Western New York – Part 3

  1. Oh yeah, that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard you visited Jamestown. My mom was a huge Lucy fan and I’m pretty sure she and my dad visited Jamestown at least once. I did not know there was a Lucy museum though. And speaking of Lucy, you can’t not mention the classic movie “The Long, Long Trailer”. Was there any trailer memorabilia at the museum?

    Love your site–you’re a real inspiration for stylish living.

    🙂 Mary

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