Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Posted by Rebecca

A couple of nights ago I finally got around to recovering the seats of my dining room chairs.  I bought my dining room set years ago at a yard sale for $30.  It had 6 chairs and 2 leaves to extend the table.  It was painted the current color shortly after I got it, and I have since sold two chairs to fit it more comfortably in my tiny home.

The seat bottoms have always been a dingy beige velvet-type fabric, and I’ve never liked it.  A friend recently gave me a large piece of fabric that tied in some of the colors in my home.  So I bought myself a manually powered staple gun and got to work.

It was a tedious task that took an entire evening.  I also learned that Cassi is terrified of the staple gun.  It’s not particularly loud, but something about it caused her to attempt to climb onto my lap several times during the process.  She’s 80 lbs.  It did not work well.

But we both got through it, and I am thrilled with the results.  See for yourself….





Up close:


The set now feels fresh, clean, and stylish.  What a difference!  I know it seems like a strange mix of colors, but my curtains are the same dark green (if you look to the left of the top two photos, you can see my curtains in the reflection of the mirror), I have that large red mirror by the table, and I have hot pink cushions on my couch; and I think the combo is dreamy.

Rebecca Knabe


9 thoughts on “Small Changes Make a Big Difference

    • It was super inexpensive for me – I got the fabric for free. But it really takes very little fabric to cover the chairs, so even if I purchased it, the cost would have been low.

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