Small Spaces and Color

Posted by Rebecca

One of the many small-space-decorating myths is that color makes a space look smaller.  Not true!  Rejoice in the fact that there are more options available for those of us with tiny homes than ‘institution white.’  In fact, the correct use of color can visually expand your living space.

Here are a few tips I’ve found that will help you successfully decorate your small space with vibrancy and life:

–  Add color, but with restraint, says the Armstrong Floor Board Blog.  Don’t indulge your need for color at the expense of light and proportion.  Use splashes of color on radiators, doors, inside bookcases, or on small walls or partitions.

–  Paint the entryway a few shades lighter than the main room.  As you move from the darker entry to the lighter, brighter living space, the contrast will make it appear larger than it really is.

–  Create a focal wall with color, states an article on HGTV.  Although some designers don’t like this in a larger home, it can work wonders in a small space.  Sometimes a darker color on one wall can make it recede, causing the room to look more spacious.

–  It is important for small homes to be cohesive, and this can be achieved by using different shades of the same color to unite all the rooms.  This will increase the flow throughout your home, encouraging movement and making it feel more open.

–  Paint the ceilings a lighter color than the walls to draw the eye up and make it appear airier.  This is an especially effective tip in a low-ceiling home such as a trailer.

–  Don’t forget to add some black.  Yes, black!  A black item will help ground the appearance of the space and clarify the other colors.  Even something small like a lamp or a picture frame will work.  I love my black dining table and chairs.  They add a solid focal point to my great room without being distracting or overwhelming.

So try a little color in your small space.  If you don’t want to commit to paint, add some bright throw pillows or artwork, or even hang a colorful rug or piece of fabric on the wall.

If you do decide to take the plunge and paint a bold color on a wall or two, here is some exciting inspiration….  Tanesha Awasthi, author of the blog Girl With Curves, recently posted a few photos of her home.  Take a look at the beautiful color she chose for her 100 square foot living room, in the photo below, and notice how the dark yet bright blue allows the wall to recess, while the natural light and pale furnishings extend the visual boundaries of the room.

Girl With Curves

Check out the rest of her blog for great fashion looks and confidence-building ideas for girls with beautiful shape.

Rebecca Knabe



2 thoughts on “Small Spaces and Color

  1. I love color in a small space, I have done both the accent walls and once did an entire bathroom in a blue similar to the above picture, with all the white that comes naturally in a bathroom the blue was perfect, you didn’t even realize the room was so small. Currently, I am renting and the management approved color if it was neutral. I went with a khaki wall color and have pops of color in the accents, including black.

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