The Greatest Compliment

Posted by Rebecca

My friend, Natasha, was visiting the other night.  Her son was playing with a little 9-year-old girl named, Trinity.  I was a 9-year-old girl once.  When I was 9 the only things on my mind were playing, pretty things like sparkles and kittens, and Barbie Dolls.  I think a lot of 9-year-old girls are fairly similar.

So it was an unexpected compliment when little Trinity walked into my trailer, eyes wide, and said, “It’s pretty in here!”

I was taken aback.  It was very unexpected.  And it felt like the greatest compliment ever.  I’ve had a lot of adults tell me that my place looks great, but sometimes I feel like they think they have to say that; or they’re really thinking, “This place looks great, for a trailer.”

Hearing it from a little girl, however, was better.  She didn’t know that it’s polite to express praise the first time you see someone’s home.  She isn’t aware that buttering someone up usually improves their impression of you.  And the last thing on her mind when she was preparing to walk into my home was, “I wonder how this place is decorated.”

So when Trinity told me that my place is pretty, I believed her.  She spoke from her heart.  And as I thanked her I thought to myself, “I think it’s pretty too.”


Posted by Rebecca


15 thoughts on “The Greatest Compliment

  1. I think so, too!

    I understand your reaction. Many years ago, when I was in my early twenties (many years ago!) I got dressed up to go to a party and as I walked to my apt. elevator I met a little girl, about 9, who looked at me and said, “You’re so beautiful.” I have never felt so beautiful and I have never forgotten her.

    Anyway, I think it’s really pretty in there, too!

  2. I agree, it’s a beautiful setup! And I’m not just saying that, haha. It’s true though, sometimes out the mouth of young ones come the most meaningful and moving expressions.

  3. My grandfather loved children and when asked why this is what he would say: Through the innocence of children we learn the truth, plus they don’t gossip. What a great compliment, especially without the “for a trailer” added.

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  5. Hello Rebecca,
    I love your Mayflower masterpiece. I found a liveable condition 56-57, 42′ Mayflower for sale (looks like your before pics) but can’t find any sale prices for comparison. What do you figure it might be worth? i appreciate any input that you might have.

    • Hi Keely,

      I paid $5,000, which was a little high for the condition, but I had very limited time to find something and it fit my needs. Several of my neighbors have gotten their old, rundown trailers for free.

      The things to check for if you are buying an old trailer are water damage and leaks – check for warping in the ceiling, floors, and underneath. If those things aren’t a problem then you may have to pay a little more than me, but not by much. Shop around, visit local trailer parks to see what’s out there, look on-line. Do lots of homework in your area, and make sure you feel good about the trailer and the asking price.

      And I’d love to see some before and afters when and if you buy something! 🙂


      • Thanks Rebecca,

        I know the good folks who own it and they’ve put money into it to keep it up, including a lifetime-warrantied roof. There are no soft spots and all the gal wants to do is remove her dishes from it and then it’ll be move-in ready. I have yet to see it but it sounds like a gem and I was thinking the same price as you paid. It’s 12-volt but I could install a converter, run a cord, or add solar panels. I won’t be revamping it as chic as yours as I’m a rancher/teacher and will go for the western vibe and take advantage of the wood panels, should be fun. My biggest fear is a cow/bull getting excited and taking out a corner wall or a propane bottle! I reckon I’d better build a fence or put some cattle panels up…

        There is a whole lot of info out on smaller, vintage/collectable trailers but not these Mayflowers, even though I hear they’re popular on the NorCal coast. (I already asked about any rust damage = no) So, I very much appreciate your inspiration and advice and will keep you in the photo loop.

        Take care,

      • Thanks, Keely. Haha – yes, I don’t have to worry about livestock ramming into the side of my trailer. My biggest complaint about these things is how cold they are, so keep that in mind. Insulate what you can, get sufficient heaters, and buy an electric blanket! 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I am saddened to report that the Mayflower’s interior has been altered a la 80’s and needs too much work to justify the 7.5k asking price. Thanks for your input, I appreciate your expertise, talent and enthusiasm.

      Take care,


      • That’s a bummer. But don’t give up or be too disappointed. Keep looking – there are plenty of old crappy trailers out there, for next to nothing, just waiting to be fixed up and loved. 🙂

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