Ever Stayed in a Treesort?

Posted by Rebecca

Last weekend I had the chance to visit the Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort.  It was great – small space living, high up in a tree.  The Treesort is located near Cave Junction, Oregon, just an hour from the coast, and it was the perfect weekend get-away.

There are 15 unique small tree houses and cabins on the property, some with full bathrooms and kitchenettes, and some with shared ‘facilitrees.’  A delicious breakfast is included, and prices are discounted in the off-season.

We stayed in Pleasantree (click on the link for interior views of our swanky accommodations).  It was about 40 feet off the ground, and accessible only by a spiral staircase and a jaunt across 2 suspension bridges.  We had lovely weather while there, but the tree, and of course the treehouse swayed in even the slightest breeze – not for the faint of heart.  Our treehouse had a main floor with bunk beds, a mini fridge, a toilet and shower hidden behind a curtain, and a sink.  There was also a loft with a mattress for two.


The spiral stairs lead up to the suspension bridges.

A few views of Pleasantree:




One of the swingy suspension bridges.  Don’t look down!


Horseback riding is one of the activities offered at the Treesort.


Some interesting trees on the property.


One final look….  Pleasantree is on the right.

If you are looking for an unusual vacation destination, and a chance to simplify  and downsize for a few days, I would highly recommend this little tree-venture; it was treemendous (groan).

Rebecca Knabe




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