Trailer Inspiration

Posted by Rebecca

I recently had a great link sent to me by my sweet fella (my friends think it sounds ridiculous when I call him that.  I tried “gentleman caller” for a while, but they said that made me sound like an escort; and “boyfriend” sounds way too silly for someone my age.  Anyway….).

Houzz is a renovation inspiration website that allows you to browse rooms and save photos for your own projects.  A recent post featured Airstream Trailers as an idea, because “in this increasingly urban and budget-conscious world, one of the greatest design challenges homeowners and designers face is figuring out how to live comfortably and stylishly in increasingly smaller spaces.”

And although the design and photos were Airstream-specific, the post reminded us, “Even if you don’t own an Airstream… think of these spaces as test-bunny methods you can use in your home’s smaller spaces. After all, a little goes a long-haul way.”

So click on this link and check out the fantastic and diverse trailer designs.  My favorites are photos #3 and #4, and I love the mod chandelier in photo #7.  Which ones are your favorites?


Here’s one of me and my fella, the gentleman caller, my boyfriend….  Let’s just call him John.

Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “Trailer Inspiration

  1. I liked photos 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 but if I had to pick one it would be 8. I know what you mean about reaching a particular age and not knowing what to call your significant other. I simply go with my partner, boyfriend sounds so high-schoolish.

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