Run, Baby, Run

Posted by Rebecca

My brother and I are running our first “together” race in a few weeks.  It’s a half marathon in California, which I have been really excited about.  Well, until this week….

Turns out my brother recently ran a 10k in West Vancouver, Canada.  He came in second.  His pace was under 6 minutes per mile.  My pace hovers around 14 minutes per mile.  Just when I thought he was only twice as fast as me, I discover it’s even worse than that.  Ugh.

Kidding!  I’m super proud of him, and still excited about our race.  Training this time of year has been a new thing for me – running in the cold and dark winter mornings, instead of the bright and balmy summer and autumn.  But it really hasn’t been as bad as I expected.

However, I’m not a natural runner.  Every run is a challenge for me.  I don’t have a runner’s body, as I was primarily built for comfort, not speed.  But I do feel really good when the run is over, and my heart and lungs are thanking me.  And so I carry on.

My favorite part of running is the opportunity it gives me to see the neighborhood with different eyes.  Since I’m not zooming by in my car I notice the details of the homes, interesting features in the gardens, the slopes and angles of the streets, the scents of the neighborhoods….

Here are some photos I’ve taken during the 65 miles I’ve run so far this year:







Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “Run, Baby, Run

  1. Love the images!

    Hey, if you saw me you’d think I was built for speed but let me tell ya, I don’t run. Running is exhausting!

    Congrats on the 65 miles and best of luck on the marathon ; )

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