My Brother and I – Now and Then

Posted by Rebecca

My brother recently visited for 6 days.  His first time seeing the Pink Trailer in real life.  How exciting for him!  😉  In addition to our race, Liam and I did some sight-seeing around Reno/Tahoe, and enjoyed a lot of time just hanging out.  We haven’t had the opportunity to spend time, just the two of us, since he was a baby.


Liam was born when I was 15.  Our mom died 8 months later.  I loved spending time with him back then.  I used to drop him off at daycare on my way to school, and pick him up after.  I would get dirty looks from grouchy old ladies at the grocery store who thought he was mine.  He’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to my own baby.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, we only lived together until he was a year and a half old.  So I really treasure the time we get to spend together, like this past visit.

Here are some photos of his time here….



We drove partially around Lake Tahoe on our way back from Modesto, CA.  It was beautiful as always.


We explored some old casinos.


Found some new downtown artwork.


Enjoyed spring blossoms.

And even though Liam is a 23-year-old grown up now, he will always be my baby brother.


Rebecca Knabe


7 thoughts on “My Brother and I – Now and Then

  1. Ironically, Eden and I were going over this info yesterday! I was telling her about the sign Liam was holding up for you as you finished the marathon and we talked a bit about the fact that you two siblings were raised so differently. So great to see you guys as brother/sister adults, cheering each other on. 🙂

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