Tiny Yard, Big Bounty

Posted by Rebecca

My good friend, and former roommate, Natasha, moved next door a few months ago.  It’s a great arrangement – kinda like roomies, but each with our own tiny places.

We do have separate yards, but decided to combine our produce efforts.  So we went half-sies on seeds, starter pots and dirt; and spent last Sunday night planting.  If things turn out right – I’m hoping her green thumb dominates my much-less-than-green thumb – we should have enough fruits and veggies to last us through the summer and beyond.  There will be tomatoes and lettuce and cucumbers and squash and strawberries and herbs and broccoli….  Oh my!


I’m feeling pretty optimistic because I was able to grow (for the first time in my life) quite a few tomatoes and herbs last year – so much so that I still have homemade pesto in the freezer.  And this year I’m hoping that my tiny garden will give me an even bigger bounty!


Rebecca Knabe


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