White Water Retro

Posted by Rebecca

I ran into an RV Show last weekend.  Literally.  I was running, and there it was.  And even though I’m into the whole trailer ‘thing,’ an RV Show is not something I would typically check out.  You see, I would have a hard time justifying spending a bunch of money on a brand new camping trailer, when my home trailer cost me a measly $5,000.

It’s simple math.  House = $5,000, therefore the couple-weeks-a-year vacation house must = <$5,000.  And fancy new travel trailers do not.

However, I couldn’t resist a peak, and this Retro number caught my eye.  It was nearly the smallest one on the lot, and it was perfect!




Granted, the inside could use a little color and bedizenment, but layout and storage-wise it’s great!


Yep, I can really see myself in this thing….  (oh brother!  ***insert giant eye roll here***)


Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “White Water Retro

  1. Cool and perfect size…I would love one for horse shows~save on motel-hotel! Can the subaru tow it?! 🙂

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