Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Posted by Rebecca

This morning I was jolted out of my semi-comatose state that I usually linger in for a few hours after I wake by stepping in a puddle.  In my bathroom.  Did I mention that I’m not a huge fan of the rain?

A new leak!  How exciting!…  I guess I can’t really complain, as I have been relatively leak-free for about a year and a half now.  But we have had 2 days of pretty persistent rain, and the ol’ pink trailer has sprung a leak.  Ugh!

Fortunately, the trailer and I both love to reside in the desert, and leaky roofs are just a passing concern.  Granted, they are an important concern to avoid mold problems, and warping walls and ceilings, but nothing like an emergency situation that I would have to deal with if I lived in the Pacific Northwest.  Whew!

So for now I have towels on the floor, and will wear waterproof shoes when I need to go to the bathroom.  I’m keeping it classy.

Good weather is just around the corner.  This weekend should be in the 80’s again.  So until then, I will look at these to make myself feel better….


Rebecca Knabe


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