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Joey is the neighborhood thug.  But he’s a loveable thug.

Joey is a cat that belongs to my neighbors, James and Tanille.  He ‘belongs’ to them, but I’m pretty sure the whole trailer park really belongs to Joey.


We have a lot of random cats running around the neighborhood.  Some have owners and some don’t.  But Joey tells them all what to do and how to do it.  Fights are caused and fights are broken up, and Joey is always the ring-master.  If it seems that Joey has lost a fight, or is afraid of another animal in the park, it’s because Joey wants you to believe that.

Cassi was afraid of Joey.  Have I mentioned that Cassi was a Rhodesian Ridgeback?  They were bred to hunt lions.

One evening a couple of years ago, Cassi and I were hanging out in James and Tanille’s living room.  Joey glared at Cassi, and Cassi (at 85 lbs., and one who never jumped on the furniture) jumped on my lap.  When I tried to get her down, she whimpered and trembled until we finally carried Joey into the other room.  That’s the kind of power Joey has.

You would think that Joey would be miserable to be around.  I had a miserable cat like that once – he would knock things over while staring at me, hiss, and then run away.  But Joey isn’t a miserable cat.  Mesmerizing and controlling, yes.  But miserable, no.  Joey purrs and rubs up on you.  He coos when  you talk to him, and follows you around the house….

And this is what he’s been doing on a near-daily basis at my place lately, when he convinces me to let him in.  Joey stands at my slider, whines and cries, and hypnotises me with his swirling hazel eyes until I cave and open the door.


My old age has brought a pretty gnarly cat allergy, but Joey doesn’t care.  He covers every square foot of my trailer, shedding abundantly, charming me with his dashing good looks and brilliant personality.  Before I know it I’m covered in cat fur and my face is itching unbearably, even though I haven’t even touched him.

I have a policy – I don’t feed or pet cats – to keep their interest in me at a minimum.  But Joey isn’t discouraged in my indifference, or my allergies.  He talks to me and shows me love and attention.  I’m convinced that he either gets a kick out of my squirming, or he thinks I’m his girlfriend.

Either way, I think Joey thinks I’m the cat’s meow.  Or at least that’s what he wants me to think.


Rebecca Knabe



6 thoughts on “Joey

  1. HAHAHAHA! Sounds like you have a big fan in Joey.

    I have a “Joey” that chose us. At this moment ‘Matty’ is busy ‘killing’ one of his catnip mice . . . when he wants to play or to be fed he grabs his mouse, trots over and drops it ceremoniously at my feet, looks at me and yowls. The deal is that I’m now supposed to get up and either feed him or throw the mouse and play . . . or both. He pretty much rules the roost or that’s what he’d like us to believe . . .

  2. We love our Joey grandson, Cary and Joey got real close when we got to live with them for a while and Cary was recouping from his fall. Now Cary walks across the park and Joey will come running. He would spend more time at our home, But my Pewter chases him off, ” sad”, One night we were all over at our place and here come joey through the doggie door and pewter saw him and jumped off the couch and chased Joey all the was home,

  3. They say animals have a good read on us and since having had both cats and dogs, I’ve come to find that this is pretty darn true. I’m betting he’s zeroed in on you especially since Cassi’s passing because he senses that you need extra attention. ❤ I am in the same boat, my feline allergy reared its ugly head a few years ago and my cats are 14, 15 respectively so they aren't going anywhere. I just restrict them to the first floor and wash my hands if I touch them. Otherwise facial hive city! Ugh. But so hard to resist them when they are so darn cute.

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