Beautiful Virginia Lake

Posted by Rebecca


I know I’ve posted several photos from Virginia Lake, but it really is one of my favorite spots in Reno.  At first glance it’s a goose-poop-filled manmade lake in the middle of a sketchy neighborhood.  At a closer look, though, it is teeming with life.

The walkway that runs around the lake is exactly one mile, so it’s a great destination for runners and walkers, and their dogs, who want to do a few laps.  The lake is also filled with birds.  Mostly water fowl, but other birds have also made the lake their home.  Remember the bald eagle I saw a few months ago?  That was at Virginia Lake.



My favorite time to go is early morning, as the sun is coming up.  A golden glow hits the lake and the park.  There are few people and dogs, little traffic, but more birds than ever.  This spring I’ve enjoyed lots of new life, learning to waddle after their duck or goose mommies and daddies; I’ve seen unlikely interspecies friendships; I’ve seen a territorial swan chase off others who were crowding her space; I’ve seen young fella pigeons frantically trying to impress lady pigeons; and I’ve seen a tortoise sunning himself on a rock exactly 2 days before I saw a “Missing Tortoise” poster.



Days that start with a couple of laps around beautiful Virginia Lake are much better than ones that don’t.  And I hope that either the tortoise has made his way back to his human home, or he is happier than ever living at the lake.


Rebecca Knabe


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