New York, Part 3

Posted by Rebecca

Now that things are back in blogging order, here’s the third installment of my New York trip….

We spent a few days in bustling New York City, one of my favorite places.  Its energy is contagious.  And every time I go I see something new and fascinating.



First we took a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Our tour group focused on the Egyptian, Babylonian and Assyrian world powers, and the historical authenticity of the Bible.  It was fantastic.



Next we took a rainy stroll through Central Park.  While the rain put a damper on things (groan…), it made the park appear cleaner and greener than ever!


After tiring of the weather conditions, we headed to Little Italy where we spent the rest of the day noshing on scrumptious cannolis, homemade pasta, fresh mozzarella, marinated vegetables, Italian bread and more olive oil than you can imagine; and sipping red wine and limoncello.  Molto delizioso!


And finally, the day was made complete by catching up with some old Reno friends who have recently moved to NYC.



Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “New York, Part 3

  1. Loving your trip through New York. It is truly one of the coolest places ever! Love the pics of the Watchtower which may not be there long! You take the most beautiful pictures and are so kind to share them with us.

  2. Wish I’d known you were coming here – I love your blog. I live around the corner from your photo in Little Italy. Next time come up and see our Little Italy apartment and you’ll see why I relate to trailer spaces. Ha, Only yours are nicer.

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