New York, Part 5

Posted by Rebecca

And now for the continuation of Day 2 in NYC….

After our walking tour of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights, we took the subway Uptown for a picture in front of the gang’s favorite diner.


Tom’s Restaurant, also known on Seinfeld as Monk’s Diner, is the inspiration of Suzanne Vega’s 1991 hit, Tom’s Diner.


On the streets in Morningside Heights.


Next a trek through the way-too-crowded Theater District and Times Square.





We ended our evening at Eataly, a massive Italian marketplace full of shopping, wine, and eateries – a foodie’s dream come true.


Double photo-bomb – this is the family we traveled with, and they were taking a family picture while I was in the loo.  I was able to rush back in time to unexpectedly appear in the photo, only to be outdone by the handsome, posing waiters behind me.


A view of the Empire State Building from Eataly.  If the weather had been better, we would have had an unobstructed view of the city, as the roof and walls are retractable, making it a great destination for a balmy summer evening.

Rebecca Knabe


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