New York, Part 6

Posted by Rebecca

The last few days in New York were pretty quiet.  We drove back from New York City to Jamestown – about 7 hours.  On the way we stopped in Newburgh to meet my Uncle Harlin and Auntie Norma for lunch.  They live in Wallkill, NY, at the Watchtower Farm Branch Office.


Back in Jamestown, we did a little sightseeing in the country….


And we visited a local Amish farm.  Did you know that Amish farms are one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. farm community?  They are also a great place to buy plants for your garden and patio.




While at the Amish farm, John’s mom spotted a weedy patch that was, in her opinion, just begging to be cultivated.  It was dense with burdock.  Burdock’s can make two claims to fame. It was in the original recipe for root beer, and was the inspiration for velcro.  The leaves are a little bitter, but delicious when mixed with egg and flour, seasoned, and lightly fried as little fritters.


The Amish family was kind enough to let John’s mom do a little weeding for them, and we ate well that night.  🙂

Rebecca Knabe


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