Stormy Sunday

Posted by Rebecca

We don’t get many thunder storms in Reno, but when we do, they can be a doozy.  The one we had last Sunday had lightning that lit up the menacing, swirling sky over and over again, before unleashing a downpour of flood-like proportions.

If you’ve never heard the rain from the inside of a trailer, it’s like a rhythmic fox-trot is unfolding on the roof with pitter-patter footsteps.  This storm was not fox-trotty or pitter-pattery.  It was more like plunking over Niagara Falls in a tin can.




I fear that being housed inside an aluminium tube with that weird antenna thingy strapped to the roof during a lightning show can’t be a good idea….

Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “Stormy Sunday

  1. It sounds delightful when it storms but kind of scary at the same time. One question, in the mid west we have fallout shelters in our trailer parks, do you? Be safe and as always I look forward to your next post.

  2. I experienced my first bad storm in my new trailer a few weeks ago. Have to say…I was a little worried. Just about a mile away three telephone poles were snapped like toothpicks so I think maybe a tornado went through. But, all ended well and no one was hurt. I do like to hear the rain on the roof when it is a pitter-patter though. Very relaxing. I love my new little home!

    • That’s great to hear you are enjoying the trailer! I had my first bad storm just 4 days after I moved in, and it scared me to death. I thought for sure I was going to blow over. But I survived…. And I’ve survived many more since then. 🙂

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