Somewhere in the Nevada Desert – Part 1

A playa is also known as an alkali flat or a desert basin that periodically fills with water to form a temporary lake.  The playa we visited last week had no water in sight.  It’s located somewhere in Northern Nevada, not too far from Black Rock – the playa made famous by the annual Burning Man Festival.

This desert get-away was a lot quieter, with a lot fewer people than Burning Man….  It consisted of 5 trailers, 5 tents, a van, 14 adults, 6 kids and 5 dogs.  My friends have been doing this trip for years, but this was the first time I joined them.

I love the desert!  And this trip was testament to the great beauty of the desert….


Bumpy dirt roads wound us through the desert to our destination.


Finally the playa.



Scouting out the camp spot.


Stormy skies are moving in.


The dry lakebed, and not-yet-dirty feet.


That big flash of light is lightning, and the thick band of grey above it is cloud.  We had the most amazing lightning shows the first two nights.  There is nothing quite like watching huge storms from the playa.


Rebecca Knabe


4 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Nevada Desert – Part 1

  1. I share your love of the desert, and as a ‘Burner” I know exactly where you were and probably know the awe and beauty that you experienced. I often think that my love of Burning Man lies in my love of the desert and radical self-reliance. As an introvert I am drawn to quiet and solitude – decidedly something that is NOT found at Burning Man. When I couldn’t get tickets to BM last year I began hearing about many groups who have done what you did, and I admit I could do both with ease. I’m so glad you have shared this – I agree, the playa is something amazing.

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