Living Someone Else’s Dream

A friend of mine told me not long ago that I was literally living her childhood dream.  She said that as a child she always pictured herself in her 30’s, unmarried, and happily living in a trailer.  She is currently in her 20’s, married, and happily living in a house.  And I really am living her dream.

This was never my dream.  I thought that by the time I was sneaking up on 40, I would be married and happily living in a house, or awesome urban loft, or rustic cozy cabin, or wandering nomadically through Europe or Asia, or pretty much anywhere but a trailer.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

It just had never even crossed my mind.  Not once did a trailer factor into my future.

And then I recently found my Grade 3 Creative Writing Journal, where I had carefully mapped out what I had believed to be my ideal future.  Here’s what 8-year-old Rebecca had to say:

My Day in the Year 2084

I would get home from work and press the com to my door:  R.M.H.  When I got in I would ask my robot if there were any phone calls, if there was I would phone them back.  After that I would go into my room to change, then I would go downstairs to have a swim in my swimming pool and go in the sauna.  After I was relaxed I would go upstairs and press in what I wanted for supper:  SALAD, STEAK, CORN, FRENCH BREAD, CHOCOLATE PUDDING.  My robot would make my supper.  Within fiffteen minits it would be ready.  After supper my robot would give me my remot control and I would watch T.V.  In two hours I would be done watching T.V., by this time it would be about 11:00 and I would go to bed.

In the morning I would get dressed and press in my breakfast: POCHED EGG, TOAST, ORANGE.  After I ate I would go to work as a cook at McDonald’s.  My day in the year 2084.

By Rebecca Harrap

So, as you can see, no mention of a trailer.  Just 110-year-old me living with a robot and working at McDonald’s.  I guess I’ve still got time to make that happen….  🙂


Rebecca Knabe


6 thoughts on “Living Someone Else’s Dream

  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing! I am in my sixties, recently divorced after thirty some years (my choice) living in a trailer almost as old as I am. We bought “Lucy” a couple of years ago. I WANTED her. The settlement agreement even refers to her as “Lucy”. I moved in full time 9 days ago. Unusually cold weather has caused some problems (appointment with plumber this Monday) but I’m still happy to be here. Cheers!

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